Un arcoíris y una tormenta eléctrica en Alberta, Canadá

Lightning bolts and a rainbow at sunset in a thunderstorm retreating over the Alberta prairie, July 18, 2016. There is a faint outer bow visible at left.  This is a stack of 35 consecutive video frames taken with HD (1920 x 1080) resolution at 30 frames per second with the Canon 6D, and extracted as an image sequence with Photoshop, then processed in Adobe Camera Raw, then stacked with Russell Brown’s Stack-A-Matic into a smart object with maximum stack mode, to accumulate the frames taken over about 1 second into one still frame. So I could have got this with a single 1-secind exposure with the lens stopped way down and a ND filter, but my timing would have had to have been very, very lucky!

Impresionante imagen de un arcoíris rodeado por relámpagos durante una tormenta eléctrica al atardecer del lunes, 18 de julio de 2016, desde Gleichen, Alberta, Canadá. La imagen está compuesta por 35 fotografías apiladas, tomadas con una cámara Canon EOS 6D.

Crédito: Alan Dyer

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