Auroras boreales desde Manitoba, Canadá

Multiple curtains of aurora appear along the curving arc of the auroral oval over the boreal forest. This is looking just a little east of due north from the second floor deck of the Churchill Northern Studies Centre, Churchill, Manitoba. Polaris is just left of top centre, with the Big Dipper at right of top centre. A meteor streaks to the left of Polaris. Vega is at lower left as a circumpolar star low in the north. The curtains appear more yellow toward the horizon due to atmospheric absorption. The curtains display the classic green tint with red upper fringes, both from transitions in oxygen.  This is how the Lights usually begin from this latitude under the auroral oval. They will then move up and south from this formation to cover the sky.  This is a 20-second exposure at f/2.8 with the 15mm full-frame fish-eye and Canon 6D at ISO 3200.

Múltiples cortinas de auroras boreales forman un “torbellino” de luz en esta fotografía tomada la madrugada del 9 de febrero de 2016 desde Churchill, Manitoba, Canadá. La fotografía tiene 20 segundos de tiempo de exposición y 3200 de ISO; fue tomada con una cámara Canon EOS 6D.

Crédito: Alan Dyer

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